Charlie Brocklehurst

Charlie has been a member of TAP since May of 1995.  He is the founder of TAP Chesapeake Bay Region which is the first territory for TAP.  Charlie is also the first and only licensee to receive the Presidents Award in 21 years.  He is also a member of the TAP corporate staff. 410-446-6595

Jason Lorch

Jason has been a TAP CBR member since April 2002 and partnered with Charlie in July 2015.  He maintains the TAPCBR website and helps manage the remote divisions.  Jason referee's at the Titleholders and National Qualifier events.  410-980-0074

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It's a Simple Philosophy we Have 

Come out, hang with some good people, have some food, enjoy some drinks and play some pool

Our goal is to provide the best entertainment possible playing pool

And you better be careful because you might learn a thing or two about the game